holy cow I come back home to find new followers hello!

I am TRN and I see you all came because of a mutual love of Ishimaru that is good!!

my mother almost killed me she called me when I was halfway up the stairs but she called right when my pants fell down and so I instinctively turned around with my pants like halfway down my thighs and if that stair rail wasn’t there for me to hold on to it would have been goodbye TRN

omg im just imagining ishimaru trying to put some meat inside his riceballs but unable to get it all closed right, so he keeps adding more rice but then there is too little meat inside, so he tries to add more meat and he just causes a huge mess and the rice and meat get mixed up all over, like it's not even inside anymore, and it's just EVERYWHERE LIKE WHAT A MESS


"I’ve made a mistake"


lmao everything about this drawing is wrong but i dont care GIVE ‘EM THE CHAIR HELL MONIT


lmao everything about this drawing is wrong but i dont care GIVE ‘EM THE CHAIR HELL MONIT


See now he’s gonna destroy that hat once at for all, Mondo, even though he should have done it after the first photo you took


for the lovely trees

my coworkers sometimes laugh at me and call me too serious whenever I catch them doing something a tad /against the rules/ and call them out on it

what they don’t know is that I see a LOT of the things they do that are against policies/just plain wrong but don’t say anything and it makes me cRINGE! SO MUCH!! I sometimes just wanna go full on police Ishimaru on their asses and slap them in line I mean what the hell

I get you can have fun at the job but dammit don’t do that you’re acting like children aaaugh you all make my eye twitch far more than it should

I bet everyone thinks Gundam listens to classical music or heavy metal or the calls of Cthulhu in his spare time but we all know your secret, Gundam Tanaka

you like that dirty rap music, don’t lie

middle fingers are so hard to draw smh





What the hell is wrong with it?!